Posted on: February 16, 2009 1:56 am

My Comprehensive Predictions for the AL Central


Ok, I broke down each teams starting rotation, bullpen, infield, and outfield/DH, rating each team with either 5 points, 4, 3, 2, or 1 in compatison to the rest of the division. I figured this was the best way to break down the division. I also multiplied the teams point total from  he rotation by 2 since I believe that a teams starting roatation is the most important part of putting together a winning team.

So, without further ado, here it is.

Starting Rotation

  • 10 points- Twins- A fully healthy Liriano will be good. Look for Nick Blackburn to have the type of sophmore year John Danks had, and Perkins, Baker, and Slowey make a very nice back end of the rotation.
  • 8 points- White Sox- The front end of the rotation is as good as any in baseball, but question marks on the back end (Colon, and who will be the #5), make the rotation incomplete.
  • 8 points- Royals- This rotation has the potential and talent to be scary. It all depends on if their younger pitchers (Hochevar, Grienke) can live up to thier potential. No real #1 yet, but a strong rotation 1-5.
  • 8 points- Tigers- Verlander is too good to have another season like he had last year, Galarraga will just get better, and Edwin Jackson may have found a place wheres hes wanted. Willis and Bonderman are iffy, tho.
  • 2 points- Indians- Sure, Cliff Lee's a stud, but can Carmona throw a strike this year? Aaron Laffey looks promising, but Anthony Reyes and Carl Pavano at the back end? If only Lee could pitch every game.


  • 4 points- Royals- The most underrated and one of the most dominant closers in Soria, one of the best leftys in the league in Ron Mahay, but after that, its a steep fall to Kyle Farnsworth.
  • 5 points- WHite Sox- If this pen stays healthy, its the best. A lights out closer in Jenks, great setup man in Linebrink, gerat lefty in Thornton, and nice middle reliever in Dotel.
  • 4 points- Twins- Joe Nathan is lights out. After that, though, you have alot of guys who are nice, but not guysyou would consider automatic.
  • 2 points- Indians- Kerry Wood will be an upgrade, but can he stay healthy? Joe Smith was a nice pickup, and Jensen Lewis is decent.
  • 1 point- Tigers- Dont look now, Fernando Rodney just threw one over the backstop.


  • 5 points- Twins- Mauer and Morneau are elite, Casilla will continure to make strides, and Punto and Harris are just tough outs.
  • 4 points- White Sox- The Cuban Missle is great and AJ is solid behind the dish, but can Fields fill in for Crede, can Konerko (whos now completely healthy) return to his old form, and whos starting at 2nd base?
  • 3 points- Royals- Jacobs is a nice pickup that will add some pop to the order, and Mike Aviles is the most underrated player in this division, but is Alex Gordon finally going to like up to the hype? They dont have a proven 2ndbaseman now that grudz is gone, and dont have a good catcher.
  • 3 points- Indians- Mark DeRosa is solid and will finally play one position for a full year which will help his numbers. Garko is OK, but can Victor Martinez, Asdrubal Cabrera, and Johny Peralta return to their 07 forms?
  • 3 points- Tigers- Miguel Cabrera is great, but Polanco is aging, Inge is nothing but a "super-sub", and Adam Everett doesnt scare anybody. Dusty Ryan is a good young catcher who I believe will win that job.


  • 5 points- White Sox- Quentin and Dye are phenominal, and Thome is good for 30-90. Can Jerry Owens be the leadoff man they need?
  • 4 points- Royals- DeJesus and Crisp are very good, but can Mark Teahen rebound and can Billy Butler put together a good full season?
  • 4 points- Twins- Gomez will only get better, Delmon Young is solid along with Denard Span. But is Cuddyer going to contribute, and can Jason Kubel hit anyone besides the White Sox?
  • 2 points- Tigers- They continue to ruin Carlos Guillen by moivng him around. Granderson is solid but need to cut down on Ks, and Sheffield is up there in age. Ordonez is great, but needs a haircut. lol.
  • 2 points- Indians- Grady Sizemore is a star, and Ben Francisco is nice, but Choo? and Hafner, will he ever be that 40 hr threat again? .197 wont cut it.

Should be..

  1. Twins- 23pts
  2. White Sox- 22pts
  3. Royals- 19pts
  4. Tigers- 14pts
  5. Indians- 9pts

Heres my record predictions

  1. Twins 86-76...Barely edging out the Sox
  2. White Sox 85-78...considering this is a transition year, ill take this
  3. Royals 82-80...will be competitive all season
  4. Tigers least its an improvement
  5. Indians 74-88...that rotation just scares me other than cliff lee

Now, this division can go any way. BAseball prospectus had this division filpped over completey from what I said. This is just my opinion. All in all, it should be an interesing year.

Posted on: December 26, 2008 12:20 am

Is the NBA really fixed?

I love the NBA, but is it really a fair league? I was watching tonight's Wizards-Cavaliers game and it really got me thinking. Almost every call went Cleveland's way, and there was a few that were really questionable. That foul on Butler with 2 minutes left on LeBron's 3 pointer was really pushing it, and the play the Jamison fouled out on was ticky-tak to say the least. Let's face it, it would be better for the league's popularity if the Cavs win this game, which they did. It is a superstar league, and I bet David Stern wants the Cavs to win b/c they have Lebron.

Here is another example, the NBA draft this past year. Now, I am a huge Bulls fan and am very thankful we have Derrick Rose, but only a 1.7% chance? The fact is, they do not want to see more superstarts go west like Durant and Oden did the year before, and since they do not pull the pingpong balls on screen, no one will know if they fixed it to make Rose to go to a big market.

I hope I am wrong, but I think the NBA is just trying to control everything.

Merry Xmas to everyone and please comment back.


Posted on: January 18, 2008 10:22 pm

1/18 For North Siders, ITS SHINGO TIME

I heard today on 670 the Score that the Cubs signed Shingo Takatsu to a minor-league deal. Now as a Sox fan, seeing Shingo Takatsu pitch in the 9th was almost as painful as watching the Bulls in the early 2000s or listening to American Idol tryouts. He went from Mr. Zero, as he was called, to Mr. 10. Now i know i am a sox fan commenting on a cub, but i just wanna tell cub fans everywhere to not expect Shingo to suddenly become lights out like he was for 1 month in 2004. Any player from little league on can tell he only had 2 pitches, a fastball and a sllloooow ball, you cant even call it a change up. And at a park like Wrigley, all you gotta do is wait back on that pitch and windows will be broken on Waveland Av. On the south side, if Shingo ever pitches this year in the crosstown series (the most underrated rivarly in baseball, best one only to Yankees-Red Sox), he will be the most booed person since Sammy Sosa. So go ahead Cub fans, ITS SHINGO TIME.
Posted on: January 16, 2008 4:38 pm

1/16 A possible idea for a Ben Wallace Trade

With Andrew Bynum going down, the Lakers seem like a good fit for Big Ben. No, i am not suggesting a Kobe deal for a combination of their upcoming FAs (Turiaf, Vujacic, Ariza, Brown, and Mihm). I know it isint much but what are you going to get for this guy? The Lakers are contenders this year so they would take it. Comments please
Posted on: January 15, 2008 4:54 pm

1/15/08 Joe Smith and Joakim Noah

Despite the black cloud the Bulls have been under so far this season, I would like to acknowledge the play of Joe Smith. He has by far been the most consistent player they have, and I think he has been a great pickup. Definitely an upgrade over PJ Brown from last season. Although, if I was him, I would die to go back and do this all over again.

As far as this players "vote" on the Noah benching. Did Tyrus Thomas have a vote? the laziest man since Tim Thomas? How about Demetruis Nichols who has not seen the floor all year? Or Big Ben the underachiever of all underachivers? I hear the the perpertratiors of this were Big Ben and Adrian Griffin. Adrian i have no problem with because hes a respected player  in this league. Wallace, are you kidding/??? I think before this team calls out another teammate, they should get this record back to .500 AT LEAST and start playing with consistency. Mabye Jim Boylan should not let Joakim bring donuts to pratice that the players are so Pissed off about him bringing the wrong ones.

Good Day to all, Im off to the YMCA to own the court!!!


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